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El cambio energético se encuentra en plena marcha y la tecnología solar está en constante evolución. En SolarWorld ponemos nuestra competencia y fuerza innovadora al servicio del desarrollo de productos y servicios que ofrezcan a nuestros clientes un valor añadido. Nuestras avanzadas y completas soluciones de excelente calidad son la garantía para que nuestros clientes vean aumentar su competitividad.

Las ventajas que le ofrece SolarWorld

La calidad se puede medir y en SolarWorld demostramos continuamente la calidad de nuestros productos. Varios institutos de verificación independientes nos conceden periódicamente las mejores notas.

Over 40 years of solar experience – As a PV pioneer, we have more than 40 years of technology experience. With expertise and passion, we turn this potential into top quality and future-oriented solutions for our customers.

Optimal system solutions – With our diverse range of products, we offer system solutions for all solar energy applications. But we never rest on our laurels with our technical developments. Instead, we equip you perfectly for the future, today.

Comprehensive tests – Intensive tests that greatly exceed international standards are the key to our holistic approach to quality assurance. In this way we ensure that only premium quality products leave our factories.

Best protection – Whether free system insurances or real-time yield monitoring, we offer many additional services that safeguard the smooth operation of solar power systems.

A strong partner – Personal service, professional PV plant design, guaranteed quality. We offer everything one would expect from a reliable partner.

20 years product warranty

20 years product warranty – Our products must deliver what they promise – over their entire service life. Quality standards ‘Made by SolarWorld’ are based on the real-world conditions our modules will be exposed to. SolarWorld thus takes the decisive extra step in testing and assuring module quality – in a way that far exceeds industry standards. We have doubled the product warranty for our modules from 10 to 20 years* thus offering our customers even better investment security for the system – because we are convinced: REAL VALUE lasts longer!

* valid for all modules installed from January 1, 2017

30-year linear performance guarantee

Sunmodule Plus – With its linear performance guarantee covering a period of 25 years, SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performance degression of 0.7 %. The service certificate offers comprehensive protection for your investment in the long term.

30-year linear performance guarantee

Sunmodule Bisun protect – SolarWorld is setting new standards with the groundbreaking 30-year linear performance guarantee: The maximum degradation of just 0.35 % p.a. ensures a guaranteed module performance of 90 % after 21 years, and 86.85 % after 30 years.